The Solar brand embodies fluidity, captivation, and the potential for multiple reinterpretations. Within the logo's graphic construction, the sun intertwines with the word, radiating its warm and dynamic energy. The diverse graphic developments of this design foster an array of possibilities, expanding its usability. This intentional variation, combined with the deliberate choice of vibrant and warm colors, imbues the brand's visual identity with a sense of fluidity and irreverence. It serves as a visual manifestation of Solar's energetic essence, capturing its qualities of heat, vibrancy, and radiance.
Solar's visual identity was produced to expand the possibility of future applications — envisioning a future in which Solar would exist in more and more formats. T-shirts, bags, pins and posters are some of the designed items that can be seen in the images below. In addition, following the intention of expanding Solar's presence with the public, a vibrant and constantly moving digital language was developed.​​​​​​​